lanterns and stars

Add a whimsical note to your special day with beautiful hanging lanterns and stars made from 'Botanical" handmade paper, with real pressed flowers inside, or hang fairy lights enclosed in coloured handmade paper shades.

Please Note:   These lanterns are not waterproof.

60cm sa paper

Sa paper is handmade from the bark of the Mulberry tree. It has a delicate, slightly translucent look. The colours in this size are available in pastel/sorbet shades.  However, in our larger size, we have some brighter colours and patterns as well as a style we call Botanical.   See below for notes on the Botanical Parasol.   

The sa paper parasols are not waterproof, but beautiful for summer weddings and a great sunshade or bedroom feature.


70cm sa paper


Sa paper is handmade from the bark of the Mulberry tree. It has a delicate, slightly translucent look. The colours available are mostly pastel/sorbet shades.   We have a range of colours with an attractive bird pattern, together with a style we call Botanical.  It is slightly more expensive but the paper is thicker and contains real flowers. 

The sa paper parasols are not waterproof, but beautiful for summer weddings and a great sunshade or bedroom feature.

70cm waxed cotton

The size and structure of these parasols is the same as that of the sa paper, but the fabric is a heavy cotton which has a waxy lacquered coating to make it water resistant!!  These parasols are therefore great as summer sunshades as well as rain umbrellas and are popular for brides wanting some insurance against unpredictable weather.   They are great as a fun yet functional accessory.

70cm thai silk

Because our parasols have become so popular for weddings we have designed this beautiful style in pure Thai silk.  It is delicate, but still has the same sturdy structure as the other parasols.  Your Thai silk parasol comes in a matching silk carry bag - beautiful!

82cm waxed cotton

We have designed these parasols to be seriously rainproof, as they are larger in diameter and therefore provide more cover from both sun and rain than the 70cm styles. We have a few plain styles available in colours especially designed for weddings, a couple of florals, and the rest reflect our love affair with spots and stripes!

1.2m parasol


Our 1.2m smaller garden parasol - great for small outdoor tables, or to take to an outdoor event for simple shading.

2m garden parasol

These are stunningly different pieces.  Fun and functional with their intricate bamboo spines and bright summer colours, yet they are sturdy and made from the same waxed waterproof cotton as most of the smaller styles. The new sorbet pastels are beautiful at an outdoor wedding. Each parasol comes with an extension pole and calico carry bag for easy carrying at an outdoor event, and may be supported in a stand or an outdoor table. Bamboo or wooden stands are an optional extra.   

Extra care could be needed for exposed areas subject to windy weather



We have two styles available in stands for our 2 meter garden parasols - traditional bamboo, which matches the pole of your parasol, or a more sturdy wooden stand. The stands are optional, as your garden parasol will also be fabulous in an outdoor table, which provides even more stability. 

traditional parasols

Traditional gold in 70cm size, but with a long pole. This has intricate coloured weaving underneath.

children's parasols


Children love parasols!  There's something magical about them.  Protect your children from the sun (and the rain as well with our waxed cotton styles) or use them as a fun bedroom decoration. We have a new 60cm size in white, yellow or blue sa paper, which is ideal for children under 5.  Otherwise, check out the full range of colours in 70cm sa paper or waxed cotton.

wedding parasols

Although we'd love our parasols to be used at any outdoor event, we have designed some especially for weddings.  Please do check all our other styles as well - you may find something really original!

parasols for children

For fun, colourful parasols kids will love, parasoul has the perfect selection in hand made paper for the sun or waxed cotton for sun and rain.

Our brightly coloured parasols come in two different sizes for children and make a fabulous decoration in a bedroom as well as providing cover.

wedding parasols

The perfect wedding accessory - a parasol to shade both the bride and her guests from the harsh sun!
Parasols have become increasingly popular for weddings, especially those held outdoors or on a tropical island. No bride wants sunburn on her big day and our waxed cotton parasols provide cover for sun and rain as well.

2m parasol range

These are stunningly different pieces! Available in a range of fun summer spots and stripes, or in soft summer pastels, these summer umbrellas have a bamboo pole which comes apart for easy portability.

Perfect for weddings, in the garden or by the pool. Place your garden parasol in an outdoor table or choose one of our bamboo or wooden stands..

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